Sunday, May 31, 2009

Strawberry season is here... What could be better than that...

We made an impromptu decision Saturday morning to go strawberry picking. We went to our favorite farm (Homestead Farm) in Poolesville, MD to hunt down some delicious strawberries. I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post so here's a quick update on Max as well. His eczema got really really bad for a while and we went to see an allergist and found out that Max is allergic to egg whites and nuts. So since then his skin has been getting soooooooo much better. His latest favorite food are cucumbers and tomatoes. He's speaking a few words, but he sure does understand a whole lot. He's really good at pointing to what he wants. He's really into his Little Tike's basketball hoop and he's been practicing how to jump. Other than that, he'll be 18 months on June 13th.

"Come on everybody, let's go pick go pick some strawberries!"

"Moo" Moo" "Hey I'm talking to you..."

Max chewing on a straw and trying to fit in, not quite the real thing but he's a city boy, he doesn't know any better.

A perfect day to be outdoors.

Here we go...!!!

And... let the strawberry buffet begin.

Munch munch munch munch....

Another patch victim to Strawberrizilla

"I will eat YOU ALL!!! Muahhhahahahahah!"

Once in a while he stopped to help mommy

"mmm.... ahhh... the sweet aroma of sun ripe strawberries..."

"You look delicious!"
"Time to go back now, I hope the ride isn't too bumpy, otherwise I'll be serving up a jar of strawberry jam..."

A hard days work pays off.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boy, how quickly two months go by...

Well, for those of you who still remember my blog after all this time, you are true fans and I thank you for your patience. Now without further delay here's the latest pics and update of Max.

These pictures were taken this Saturday behind Max's friend Kayla's house. Great weather, a cookout, and great friend... what else could you ask for.

Daniela took these great shots of Max devouring an apple.

"... if I could only get my mouth to open juuuust a little wider..."

These pictures were taken at a playground in South Riding... the first pic is probably one of my all time favs... the rest are pretty darn cute too...

Here's Max guarding his fortress...

Uh-oh... Max spotted an intruder...

Max got stationed to another post... here's Max guarding the south entrance of the play yard.

The following are just some silly pictures that we wanted to share with the whole world.

"Mom! This diaper genie STINKS!!!"

This is the face when bath time carries on a little too long.

"... Ahhhh..."

Max loving his new chair.

This one is just funny to me because Max has his "Yargh, ye maties" face on and there's a bag of Pirates Booty in the background.

Max celebrated St. Patricks day in Old Town to see the parade and had a ball. We forgot to wear green. We're also not Irish... which means we were the only Asians at the parade that day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mommy and Max...

It feels so nice to FINALLY get out!!!

Max and mommy at Fairfax Corner

"Where's mommy???"


Max and mommy at the Botanical Garden in DC

It was so refreshing to see so many plants and flowers for a change.

Max found a quarter on the ground. We spend it right away on a pack of gum to help stimulate the economy.

Max and daddy in front of the Capital.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Max's first visit to the library!!!

Max got his first taste of a real library today. It was quite a shock from his 20 book collection to seeing thousands on the shelves for him to pull off. Mommy and Auntie Marcela went there today while daddy was home sick. Wish I was there... but aparently Max's non stop book pulling made it a very very short trip. Not much reading was going on, just a big pile of books on the floor. Oh well, he had a great time anyways I'm sure... maybe next time you and I will go Max and we'll have better luck reading some books.